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Peter Wain
Chartered Geographer CGeog (GIS)
Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Fellow
Association for Geographic Information Member
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GIS & Digital Mapping Specialist
MAPMAN LTD provides Geographical Information System and digital mapping consultancy services and solutions, delivering location-based asset management and analytical software system expertise.

Where: The Forgotten 'W'

Geography can provide a where to the who, what, why and when.
Location, location, location: everything happens somewhere!
Organisations invest significant amounts of money on data, much of which is geospatial data, and to increase the value of this investment requires a Strategy and a System to support it.
Location Strategy
Location Strategy
Data-driven organisations understand information, and this understanding lives in the data. This is data you already have in your business systems (e.g. CRMs), your head, spreadsheets, documents, images, and more. All of this data has one thing in common – location.
A Location Strategy is required to manage this data and derive understanding.
Business value: gather, visualise and analyse data, bringing the purpose of GIS - to deliver actionable information - into the forefront.
Geographical Information System
Managing data in a structured, organised manner is what a GIS does well. Managing your location data enables you to leverage the value of this data. This is done by insuring your teams and their clients have the most accurate and timely data in their hands.
GIS enables organisations gain deeper insight into key geospatial business data (Land, People and Property) using location analytics.
GIS mapping software helps you understand and visualize data to make decisions based on the best information and analysis.
MAPMAN specialises in Esri's ArcGIS Platform - the world's leading provider of GIS - via the Esri Startup Program.
Land People Property
Esri Emerging Business Partner
MAPMAN LTD is delighted to be an Esri Emerging Business Partner and has joined the Esri Startup Program. Qualifying startups receive cloud services, software, training and support, content, and other opportunities to help them succeed. In turn, this market-leading GIS capability along with MAPMAN's experience, energy and drive is available to your organisation.
MAPMAN Services
Esri Startup Program
Story Maps
Every organisation has a story to tell. Harness the power of maps to tell yours. MAPMAN can help you engage with your clients. Check out the Story Map Gallery to see some great examples of inspiring apps.
MAPMAN Services
Story Map
Content Services
MAPMAN LTD delivers hosted apps built upon authoritative, accurate and up-to-date Ordnance Survey Open Data available in a number of different styles. Ordnance Survey Premium Data (OS VectorMap Local and OS MasterMap Topography Layers) are also available. They provide a highly detailed view of Great Britain's landscape zooming seamlessly down through road, railway and urban extents, through to the very fine detail of individual buildings, vegetation and areas of particular land-use.
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MAPMAN Services
GIS consultancy and support services delivered on a contract or day-rate basis. See Pricing or contact MAPMAN to find out more.
Launch Packages
Launch Packages designed to accelerate implementations and ensure clients are successful with the roll-out of their ArcGIS Online subscriptions.
App Development
Secure, scalable, responsive, state-of-the-art cloud hosted web and mobile GIS solutions built on Esri's ArcGIS Platform. Designed to work on all devices - PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones - and on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Simply embed into your own website and geo-enable your business processes. See Apps to find out more.
Location Strategy Support
Get the 'location advantage', become a data-driven organisation, and quickly deliver business benefits to maximise the return on your GIS investment. Read more.


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Apps for the Office
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Apps for the Field
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Apps for the Community
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Real-time GIS
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Mapping & Visualisation
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Spatial Analysis
Requirements Gathering: MAPMAN will engage, understand your business problem and create an agreed SMART - specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based - Statement of Requirements.
Design & Create
Release Management: MAPMAN will build, deploy, test, and based on feedback, continuously improve the solution.
Project Close: MAPMAN will handover the solution and provide agreed support and maintenance.
Solution 'Go Live'!
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MAPMAN Pricing
GIS Consultancy
'Rent-a-Tech' consultancy and support services. Reduced day-rate available for contract work.
  • Location Strategy
  • Business Case
  • Solution Design
  • Best Practice Guidance
  • GIS Service Review, Development & Support
  • GIS Service Management
App Development
Web-map and geo-enabled mobile data collection solutions using your organisation's existing ArcGIS infrastructure.
  • Interactive web-maps & apps
  • Mobile & web data collection apps
  • Open Data GeoPortal for sharing your organisation's geospatial data (incl. INSPIRE)
  • Anyone - Anywhere - Anytime - Any device
App Hosting
Web-map and geo-enabled mobile data collection solutions using MAPMAN's managed and hosted ArcGIS infrastructure.
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Resilient
  • Responsive
  • Easy to embed in your organisation's website and business processes
Beyond showing your data on a map, ArcGIS Pro gives you the power to manage your data, perform advanced analysis, model and automate workflows, and display your results on professional-quality maps.
ArcGIS Online is a complete, cloud-based mapping platform. Make and share beautiful maps, and do everything in between. It's designed for anyone, anywhere, at anytime, on any device.
Real-time GIS connects maps, apps, data, and people so you can make smarter, faster decisions. It gives everyone in your organization the ability to discover, use, make, and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Find out more.
Solution Design
MAPMAN is an experienced technical design authority specialising in Esri's ArcGIS Platform providing end-to-end solutions to business problems.
Curriculum Vitae
Peter Wain is Founder, Director and GIS Consultant at MAPMAN LTD.
Peter is an experienced GIS Manager having implemented and managed enterprise GIS solutions, infrastructure and staff in a number of organisations. He is an award winning Esri ArcGIS Platform specialist (desktop, server, web and mobile).
He was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya to an English father and Australian mother.
Download Peter's CV in .pdf format and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Chartered Geographer CGeog (GIS) Royal Geographical Society with IBG Association for Geographic Information
Feature Image
William Benson
William Benson:
Chief Executive @ Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Pete led our GIS services at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and more widely across a number of authorities in Kent. A strategic thinker, Pete was passionate about sharing and exploiting data for the benefit of citizens and public service providers alike and about harnessing the power of data to transform services.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor:
Director @ Mid Kent Services
Peter’s strategic insight and knowledge of GIS is first class. I have worked with him over a number of years directly and in partnerships across Kent and he has always impressed me with the way he helps and supports others. He has strong values and high standards and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
Amara McKay
Amara McKay:
Group Finance Coordinator @ Town & Country Housing Group
When Town & Country Housing Group were looking to purchase a Geographical Information System, Peter played an integral part in helping select the most appropriate system for the Group's requirements. His patience seems to know no boundaries as I sent endless queries. Without the support from Peter, TCHG would still be in the investigation stages instead of on the verge of making a procurement. Thank you Peter.
Neil Rennie
Neil Rennie:
Strategic Sales Manager @ Getmapping
I have dealt with Pete for many years, initially with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and latterly through Kent County Council. Pete was always forward thinking and a great champion in engaging & motivating other Districts to take part in Consortium purchases, which is no mean feat. I can honestly say that they probably wouldn’t have happened without him. He was always very personable and amiable to deal with and would be a great asset to anyone.
Dr. Ed Wallington
Dr. Ed Wallington:
Health & Social Care Lead @ Esri UK
I have worked with Pete for a number of years in the health & social care sector relating to geographic information and systems. Pete is a pleasure to work with and a big asset to Kent CC. Pete knows GIS and how the tools can be applied to leverage benefits and generate greater insights for informed decision making. Pete always knows who to talk to and his communication style is impeccable. A very valued colleague to work with.
Ian Hirst
Ian Hirst:
Head of Digital Services & Transformation @ Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Peter established himself as an innovative pioneer in the use of GIS across the organisation, recognising its potential to transform business processes and improve productivity and efficiency. Peter has given this organisation a class leading platform upon which to continue our transformational work. His drive to develop partnerships in GIS led to the creation of KentGIS and opened up further opportunities to share best practice and innovation. I recommend Peter as a positive force for change, capable of taking on the biggest challenges and delivering on objectives.
Val Green
Val Green:
Head of Organisational Development @ Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Peter is an inspirational manager who has a rare combination of excellent technical skills and real innovation. He is always positive and focuses on solutions rather than problems. He was an absolute pleasure to work with.
Craig Hayes
Craig Hayes:
Customer Success Manager @ Esri UK
I have worked with Peter for a number of years developing GIS value propositions for Kent. His enthusiasm for GIS, ability to communicate business value and extensive experience in the application of GIS is second to none.
Debbie Barry
Debbie Barry:
ICT Business Development Manager @ Kent County Council
Pete's genuine passion for creating transformational business solutions through the use of GIS makes him a persuasive influencer within the organisation. Pete combines subject-matter expertise with personal charm. He is a great communicator and able to share his vision so that senior stakeholders can see how GIS can provide business value.
Richmond Crowhurst
Richmond Crowhurst:
Senior Account Manager @ Landmark Solutions
Pete is one of the most engaging, motivated and switched on individuals I’ve ever come across during my many years working with local and central government. With a wide ranging knowledge of GI, web and networks, he was able to assist us – at Landmark – in building a Web Mapping Service that not only fitted the needs of Kent County Council, their districts and schools but one that we could apply across the whole sector. I'd be delighted to work with Pete again and hope to do so in the near future.
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